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Today, Bhutan or the land of the Thunder Dragon is one of the most highly acclaimed travel destinations. This is a land of remarkable natural beauty with a pristine and intact environment and a friendly, tradition-bound people. To the discerning international traveler, Bhutan has become an exotic and enticing final frontier.

Bhutan’s present travel status comes as no surprise given that this tiny kingdom, the size of Switzerland, was zealously sequestered from the world for centuries. The door to this mythical Buddhist kingdom was opened to limited tourism only three decades ago.  Travel to Bhutan is still regulated through a policy of high value tourism.

At this time and age when tourism most often dictates national economics, travel to Bhutan is a refreshing experience. Here, a deeply ingrained sense of hospitality, a universally acknowledged ecosystem and a living culture ensures every traveler the best that any nation has on offer. Travel to Bhutan is really an exploration.

Explore a tradition and culture that has been preserved through the centuries. In Bhutan, it is not about seeing a display showcased for tourists but living and sharing an experience with the Bhutanese. From religious festivals to a celebration on a farm or a game of archery, become a part of it all. This is true interactive travel.

Bhutan Travelers is a product of the very evolution of tourism in the kingdom. From state-run tourism in the early years to privatization, Bhutan Travelers has always been there. Its strength lies in the deep understanding and insight of the nation and its people and the knowledge of clients acquired through years of experience.

Travel to Bhutan with Bhutan Travelers and we will accompany you through the most satisfying and memorable journey. We will unravel every myth and mystery and open the doors to untold adventures. Come and explore this bewitching land and leave knowing that you will return again, and again.

Bhutan Travelers packages are specially designed to suit the needs of every traveler. You can either travel to Bhutan as an individual or in large groups; we will be there every step of the way. Besides tours and treks, we also offer customized packages according to the wishes of the individual or group.


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What guests have to say about us

trip to Bhutan

Hello Karma,

And a Happy New Year to you and all at Bhutan Travelers!

A little late in the day but we all want to thank you so much for making our visit to Bhutan in November such a special one. We had wanted to write earlier but Christmas intervened. The preparations for Christmas over here start in early December and the actual season itself is a two week festival of music, lights, trees, decorations, feasts and generally partying. It's only just coming to an end now!

We would particularly like to thank you for taking the time to entertain us to dinner at the pizzeria in Thimphu. We had a jolly time and some interesting conversation. We mentioned that we would send you the book we discussed (“Wonders of the Universe" by Professor Brian Cox), an interesting discourse on the often inexplicable - we noticed certain similarities (possibly tenuous) with Buddhism. Anyway, see what you think as we're sending this book to you to arrive at your office address and we hope you find it fascinating.

We would also like to thank Rinzin and Bolha for making our trip so enjoyable. None of us had a well developed concept of Buddhism and we left Bhutan much the better informed thanks to Rinzin's genuinely passionate connection with the religion.

We could go on and on..but won't! Suffice to say we are looking to return to Bhutan, possibly in Spring 2016, and are thinking about a (very easy!! ) trekking holiday and it would be nice to meet-up with Rinzin again for this. We don't know how fit we'd need to be for this - you've seen us, so you've probably got an idea! Rinzin seemed to think we'd manage an easy trek with no problems. Let's see. Also, we're trying to link our 'photos to the places we were at and find that we've misplaced out itinerary which would make this easy from the dates perspective. Might it be possible to e-mail this again to me?

Many thanks again, Karma.

Best wishes,

Stephen, Win and Allyson | email: s.bentzien(at)
USA and UK
9-22 November 2014

Hi Karma,

We are back home. As indicated on our feedback form we would like to elaborate more of our experiences during our 7 day cultural and spiritual Bhutan trip.

Before going into the travel, we would firstly like to thank you for your promptness in replying to our many queries via emails. Secondly, for the well planned tour that progressed from lower grounds escalating to higher plains - Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and Paro.

And your representative,  Mr. Rinzin Tsheten and Mr. Neten Dorji- as we have said the perfect pair who together made our tour a wonderful experience. Rinzin the ever cheerful guide, always at hand with his clear explanations of the history of the places visited and Neten the cool "pilot "  was more than helpful. Lunch by the river and dinner at the farm house were something rare and enjoyable. We had lots of fun together. In our view they are an asset to your organisation.

For me (Uma) the Tiger's Nest trek was  very tough and challenging and thanks to Rinzin and Neten who were always at hand to guide me  especially on the tough descent trek, I was practically carried down. Thanks again brothers. You made my visit to the Tiger's Nest a pleasant and enjoyable one.

Visits to Kings Fortresses, Offices, Buddha point, monasteries, nunneries, temple of fertility, school of art and craft and Tiger's Nest were rare sights and Rinzin and Neten helped to make it memorable. It was so beautiful and peaceful there. Bhutan, the Country of the peaceful Dragon  - Nature's Paradise. We had a wonderful time in Bhutan!

All the best to you and all in your organisation.

Uma Pokan and Sunkanu Vijain | email: bramyog(at)
16-22 October 2014

I’ve had a fantastic time on my Druk path Trek. My guide was informative and fun, and all the trekking staff were friendly and helpful. I not only saw some beautiful scenery, but I also got to enjoy some Bhutanese culture – hospitality, jokes and singing! If you’re thinking of planning a trek, even if you’re a solo traveler like me, do it. You’ll love it.

Claire Leonard, UK | email: claireleonard85(at)
8-14 September 2014

It is with great pleasure I recommend to you all the services of Bhutan Travelers if you intend travelling to Bhutan. Our two-week visit was a fantastic experience. From the pre visit logistics, to our airport rendezvous with our guide and subsequent travel through out Bhutan, this small company provided a personal professional service that I could not fault.
If you have any concerns with the financial logistics before you travel, please contact me for explanation and reassurance.

Mobile in Australia 0402847628

We did a 10-day tour in October 2005. Although we only booked about 4 weeks in advance Karma was able to find us excellent accommodation. We worked out an itinerary together that met all our wishes. Due to bad weather we had to change our plans and again Karma Tashi was able to react to our complete satisfaction. Our guide and driver have been absolutely brilliant. We can highly recommend Bhutan Travelers. Trekking crew was very friendly and caring. Perfect service!

Thomas Erbacher, Germany.

Great job! Bhutan is a wonderful country and I thank you and your company for making it possible to visit so very pleasantly.

Emily Rushin, USA
Sept 19, 2005

My experience with Bhutan Travelers was great. I was given the flexibility to choose the itinerary that I wanted. I highly recommend Bhutan Travelers for your trip to Bhutan.

Ryan Goebel, USA

Bhutan has magic in every valley. Rice fields sway as they step down the hillside. Festivals and dances entertained us along our journey. Mountains, Dzongs and Watch Towers dot the countryside. The charm and history of Bhutan will live with me as great memories. My wish is to return soon. Tobgay was always ready to help. He is the best guide ever. Suraj our driver was skilled and made us comfortable over long and difficult curves.

Rosemary Ahmann, USA

Our trip to Bhutan was a highlight! Certainly the countryside and people are spectacular, but our guide and driver's thoughtfulness and professionalism made the trip a memorable one. For example they took the initiative to obtain a lovely (and tasty) birthday cake and hold an impromptu birthday celebration for one of us. That was quite above and beyond the call of duty. Little touches like bringing me extra chili and pickle each dinner were greatly appreciated. Plus care shown during our trek was quite exemplary. The trail was quite slippery and muddy and we had extra help navigating the path. All in all, a wonderful trip made all the better with such thoughtful care by our guide and driver.

Jane Price, USA

Bhutan is a spectacular country and Bhutan Travelers and its staff made this trip a magical experience. As I proposed to my girlfriend of ten years on this trip, Karma was able to customize my itinerary exceptionally well. My fiancée and I will remember this trip for the rest of our lives. As I dedicated an engagement tree to my girlfriend, we will definitely return to Bhutan to revisit the forest in which it was planted and use Bhutan Travelers again.

Billy Quan CANADA

This was one of our best family trips! Our guide, Tobgay, brought the dzongs alive with his insights into Buddhism and the Bhutanese, named the wildflowers, and spotted a baby yak for us to see! Our driver, Gembo, quelled our father's fear of heights with his safe driving through treacherous mountain passes. If you are looking for an attentive, flexible, fun tour company to organize your trip to this spectacular country, look no further. Bhutan Travelers is # 1!

Mary, USA

Jennie, USA

The trip to Bhutan was a months-long awaited desire in my mind. Working with Bhutan Travelers for the 8-day experience makes it absolutely worthwhile and memorable. It has been an amazing trip combining knowledge and enlightenment from both ancient heritage and equal developments. I would encourage everyone come experience the grace of Bhutan's history, nature, and people. Bon voyage!

Anita Huang, TAIWAN

Our Pilgrimage Cultural Tour was very detailed and satisfying. Our guide was very knowledgeable warm and friendly. Our tour took us on mountain roads where precision, defensive driving was essential-Gyembo made us feel so safe. Together they complemented one another when arrangements were made with information and how our individual needs were met.

We enjoyed our varied lodgings, ranging from traditional Bhutanese cottages with wood burning stoves, to more formal resort type rooms. At all times the meals and services were good to excellent.

I love Bhutan!

Patricia Campe-Aguilar, USA

I was delighted with the care, attentiveness and sensitivity shown us by our guide and driver. They went out of their way to meet my expectations of a Buddhist pilgrimage to sacred sites and Dzongs I had always wanted to visit. The driver Gyembo was experienced, safe and expert in his command of the roads and made the 14 Day Cultural Tour an exceptionally enjoyable experience. Our guide Sonam Jymtsho was engaging, warm, informative and intelligent which made the entire journey a joy. I would definitely recommend both of them to any friends and other travellers.

Genevieve Lim, USA

Bhutan is truly the last Shangri-la. The people are wonderful, and the Cultural richness is very profound.

Mark Russ Hellar, USA

Karma and driver Kezang provided me with excellent guidance while in Bhutan for 2 weeks. I felt completely well taken care of and Karma provided me with answers to any questions about manners, customs, or religion in a way that has been informative and respectful. To venture as western world women, into a realm completely unfamiliar (the east and the himalayans) is like taking giant leap. I feel tremendously grateful and blessed to have had such a well-trained guide. "Bhutan Travelers" made my trip all that I had hoped for a once in lifetime great privilege of visiting the gracious and beautiful world of Bhutan.

Lea Haratani
California, USA
Call for questions (831) 425 3806

Bhutan Travelers provided our family with an excellent introduction to this fascinating country and its culture. Our 12 day cultural tour and trek was well organized and gave us a good overview of Bhutan's history, the life style of the people here, and their Buddhist practice. Our guide was very friendly, helpful, and informative and worked hard to make our experience an enjoyable and memorable one. I highly recommend Bhutan Travelers for their service, friendliness, and responsiveness to our needs and interests.

smcott McGovern, USA
Travelling with family including 3 children 12, 14, 16

Thank you for a wonderful trip. You did a great job customizing the tour for us. And when Druk Air lost our tickets, you sorted out the problem and acted in our best interests. We appreciate that effort. Our only regret about this tour is that we didn't stay longer!

Geoff and Lauren Slater, USA

Originally I had contacted three Bhutan tour operators-but easily whitled it down to one -'Bhutan Travelers'. Informative and very prompt replies were forthcoming-all ready for a good visit. The guide, provided by 'Bhutan Travelers' was excellent, super! knowledgeable, informative, insightful, interesting and entertaining-and good humoured: great Company.
The driver, too, was experienced, competent, and a very nice, patient guy; he needed to be on Bhutan roads-and me!

All of 'Bhutan Travelers' on-tour organization was 'A.1'. Well-done 'Bhutan Travelers'. They will be my next tour operators when I, inevitably, return to Bhutan.

Gerald Moore, United Kingdom

Bhutan Travelers-
Thank you so much for an absolutely fabulous trip in Bhutan. We enjoyed seeing your country via cycling, rafting, and trekking. For active American groups such as ours, this was truly a great way to get to know Bhutan. Your guides and drivers were not only informative and educated but also a lot of fun to be with.
See you again soon!

Kim Jacobs
Owner, Mountain Spirits-USA

I have been travel to 56 countries around the world and found Bhutan is the most peaceful and lovely Buddhism Nation in Asia. My guide Pu, and driver Tshering from Bhutan Travelers are the perfect key that leads me enter this dreamland.

Peng, Tao from Taiwan

I came to Bhutan on my own as a female traveler, not knowing what to expect. It is one of the most beautiful, safest countries I have ever been to. The cities and hotels retain their friendliness and local style not spoilt by modernization. The trekking through the Himalayas was spectacular. The days were amazing, full of wonderful scenery and walks, but the nights were very cold. The trekking crew were outstanding-I had my own merry bond of guide, cook, assistant cook, horseman, dog and six horses and hardly saw anyone else for the whole trek! I would recommend Bhutan to any traveller.

Madeleine Jane

Bhutan- Such a magical Country that feels like it has never changed since the 15th Century. A multi-environmental with cultural tour in deluxe comfort!

holley dupont-USA

"Fabulous trip! Every detail was taken care of. Our guides were very knowledgeable and helpful. The organized activities such as Mountain Biking and rafting were an important part of my trip and a very unique way to experience with such an amazing country and culture"

aimee Barnes-USA

Bhutan Travelers gave me a wonderful first glimpse of this fascinating country, packing a remarkable amount of experience and insight into just four days. I hope to contact them again to arrange a longer return trip, including a trek. Based on my quick visit, I would highly recommend Bhutan Travelers as a reliable, hard-working guide service.

"...Based on our experience while visiting Bhutan on October/ November, 2003, we can ingenuously recommend Bhutan Travelers tour company, for all those travelers seeking for individualized service, experienced guides fluent in English language, great hospitality, wide knowledge on cultural facts and circumstances, and endless aspiration to answer all your questions. Bhutan Travelers helped us to fulfill our long-term dream to visit Bhutan, and those memories will cherish forever..."

Teemu Raiskinen & Minna Kuukka , Finland

Dear Karma,
Thank you for helping us to fulfill our long-term dream to visit Bhutan. Your sincere commitment to share your knowledge of the Bhutanese culture in every aspect and your willingness to answer our numerous questions made this trip of of a kind. Our time in Bhutan was limited. But the memories will live forever! Please also give our warm thanks to Karma the driver for a safe ride. We truly enjoyed our visit- hope to see you soon.
Your friends from Finland

Minna & Teemu

Dear Karma,
Thank you very much for your note. My response has taken a while because this is actually my first day back in my office (which is where I receive my email).
Even if your note had not been waiting for me here, I had been planning to write to thank you for our wonderful tour of Bhutan. You (and our very talented driver) provided us with a unique and exciting experience. I had not heard of Bhutan before I decided to take this trip and now I know I will never forget either the sheer physical (and mystical) beauty of your country or the kindness of its people. There were also bountiful and delicious meals and, of course, the numerous but ever enticing dzongs (no dzong fatigue for me!). You attended to our every need before we even realized we needed anything and made us feel welcome and cared for in your homeland.

I will certainly write a note to Sandy as well. It is incredibly kind and generous of you to have your uncle paint a mandala. Thank you in advance so very much for your thoughtfulness.
I hope you are well and hope to stay in touch.
With kindest regards,

Lynne Malina
New York

We write this reference for Bhutan Travellers with a smile on our faces and much gratitude in our heart.

Karma and his team provide a very unique service in their attention to detail and their willingness to construct and deliver a custom itinerary. Our brief to them was to deliver a week of outdoor experiences which included trekking and white water rafting , a week of spiritual development which included meditation training from lamas and meeting reincarnations  and week of cultural immersion( hot stone baths, staying in a  farm house and so many Dzongs and the best part of all meeting so many locals.

We really got under the skin of  this amazing Kingdom  and this would not have happened if not for Karmas  network of contacts  and  the project management skill of his staff.

Many thanks Karma

Derek Leddie and Nicole Lenord
Sydney Australia

Bhutan Travelers had provided us an excellent itinerary with a good balance between culture, nature, history and religion. The service was great, all resulting in a trip meeting our high expectations.

Willem and Ankee

Hello Karma,
This mail to thank you for everything.
Your organizational skills and your team have proven a great efficiency and made us feel all the way long, a great mix of feelings around passionate interest, good times together with safety and great comfort.
Frederic France

Festival Schedule 2016
Bhutan Festivals
Punakha Festival
17 - 19 Feb 2016
Punakha Drubchen
13 - 16 Feb 2016
Gomkora Festival
16 - 18 March 2016
Tour of the Dragon (Biking Race)
03 September 2016
Paro Spring Festival
19 - 23 March 2016
Domkhar Festival
16 - 18 April 2016
Ura Yakchoe Festival
18 - 20 April 2016
Nimalung Festival
13 - 15 June 2016
Kurjey Tshechu Festival
15 June 2016
Wangdi Tshechu Festival
9 - 19 October 2016
Thimphu Drubchen
6 - 10 October 2016
Black Necked Crane Festival
11 November 2016
Tamshing Phala Chhoepa
11 - 13 October 2016
Thimphu Tshechu Festival
11 - 13 October 2016
Thangbi Mani Festival
15 - 17 October 2016
Jakar Tshechu Festival
7 - 9 November 2016
Jambay Lhakhang Drub
14 - 17 November 2016
Mongar Tshechu
5 - 9 December 2016
Trashigang Tshechu
8 - 10 December 2016
Trongsa Tshechu Festival
7 - 9 January 2016
Lhuntse Tshechu Festival
7 - 9 January 2016
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