Trekking In Bhutan

All our treks are well planned, accompanied by trained staff who will take care of all the necessities and make sure that you enjoy trekking in Bhutan. With large assortment of trekking supplies and crew, you will trek through wild and verdant forests with abundant birds and animal lives, across high passes against the back drop of towering snow- capped mountains and along ice-fed gushing streams.

The trails are clean and unspoiled, and the wilderness still pristine in its natural beauty. The scope for trekking in Bhutan is enormous – from short three days to 23 days arduous trek, we have trekking itineraries to suite aptitudes of every trekkers. High altitude treks like Jumolhari Trek, Laya Gasa Trek and Druk Path Trek going over 5000m plus would befit your adventurous mind. And high altitude Snowman Trek, which is billed as one of the most difficult treks in the world will quench your alpine quests. Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek runs through many high altitude shimmering lakes.

There are no teahouses or lodges on trek routes for night halts. All treks in Bhutan are being arranged as camping trips. You will sleep inside tents at designated campsites. You will have a trained chef and other assistants at your disposal. At every camp, you will have hot meals cooked by our experienced chef. We do not use porters. Horses will carry your trekking supplies and equipment. In the event of snowfall, where horses cannot trot, we use yaks on higher altitudes. A guide, trek chef, assistants and horsemen will accompany you on your trek. Enjoy your captivating trek with our friendly crew and delicious camp meals.

Jumolhari trek in Bhutan is the most enchanting adventure trek in the Himalaya. After an acclimatization hike to Tiger’s Nest Monastery, you will start the trek from historic Drugyal Dzong ruins. The first three days of this trek follow the Pachhu or Paro river valley to Jangothang base camp…
  • 8Days | 7Nights
  • 4930m Highest
Laya Gasa Trek is considered one of the most scenic long distance treks in Bhutan. Running along the border with Tibet, the trek offers amazing views of some of the most pristine and unspoiled landscapes in Bhutan. The trek begins at Drukgyel in Paro…
  • 15Days | 14Nights
  • 5005m Highest
Druk Path Trek is one of the finest short treks in Bhutan. Leading through an ancient trading route, over high mountain passes, it connects the valleys of Paro and Thimphu. Trail passes through spectacular rhododendron forests, alpine yak pastures and beautiful lakes…
  • 5Days | 4Nights
  • 4235m Highest

Dagala Trek is the off beaten track as you hardly see trekkers on the trail. As this moderate short day trek passes through various shimmering high altitude lakes, it is often named as the Thousand Lakes Trek. Trekking amidst the picturesque lakes…

  • 5Days | 4Nights
  • 4250m Highest
Chele La Trek nature trek rated as moderate to hard is an adventure suitable for those who wish to experience high Himalayas within a short span of time. Commencing from the Haa Valley, it passes through high mountain pass to Paro with amazing views of snow-capped mountains…
  • 3Days | 2Nights
  • 4350m Highest
This trek is also known by different names such as Jumolhari Trek II, Yaksa Trek or simply the Jomolhari Loop. The highlight of this trek is the spectacular view of Mount Jomolhari from the base camp. If you simply have a desire …
  • 8Days | 7Nights
  • 4890m Highest

Merak Sakten Trek was opened only in 2012 after three decades of inception of tourism in Bhutan and so far very few trekking groups have visited this remote region in Eastern Bhutan. The trek passes through the twin village of Merak and Sakten lying above 3000m…

  • 7Days | 6Nights
  • 4253m Highest
Snowman Trek in Bhutan is one of the most beautiful treks in the whole Himalayas. Billed as the most difficult trek in the world due to altitude, duration and distance, far more people climb Mount Everest in Nepal than completing this alpine quest…
  • 26Days | 25Nights
  • 5320m Highest
The Nub Tshonapata Trek takes you through mountains of Haa in western Bhutan. The trek is considered unique and unexplored as many do not trek this region. Besides rich local lore, the turquoise colored Nub Tshonapata Lake, verdant and pristine forests…
  • 5Days | 4Nights
  • 4930m Highest
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