Why Choose Bhutan Travelers?


You can unleash us volley of questions with regards to your trip. We have always felt that personal attention and prompt responses are of utmost importance to our clients, and we treat every correspondence with lots of care. We prepare your itinerary in coordination with local experts and tailor it as per your interest and time frame. We have explored all trails, scouted every corner of the country to find all things Bhutanese. Besides normal activities, we are in a position to infuse some unique experiences into your itinerary: be it a game of archery, local rituals or ceremony, special prayer ceremony with Buddhist monks, a session with Bhutanese astrologer, traditional marriage ceremony, farm house dinner, terrific Tsechu festivals or a local hot stone bath, we can all do it for you.


Philanthropy has been an integral part of our business. Currently, the company supports feeding programme for 50 monks in a remote monastery. We pay government taxes and levy, which in turn pays off for our free education and health. We use local accommodations and cars, buy vegetables from villagers on treks. We use locals as our support staff on trek and use horses that belong to locals.


As tourism in Bhutan is highly regulated by the government, any payment that you send to us is secured. As the account of your local agent is tied directly to government, the money that you wire us goes directly to government account. This is to ensure that the local agents carry out trips successfully. Money will be released to your local agent’s account only after completion of your trip.



We are committed to responsible tourism. Our policies and practices ensure that all our tours are undertaken in a way that is socially and culturally acceptable and environmentally friendly. We are firmly committed to a principle wherein the environment and culture not scarified at the altar of tourism. Responsible tourism remains as our guiding principle for everything we do as a tour operator and we have been strictly adhering to our policies.


Bhutan Travelers guides are trained and certified by the government to lead groups. They are intelligent, knowledgeable, friendly and well organized. They take care of every detail of your itinerary and are an indispensable part of your journey. From time to time, refreshers course are being given to keep abreast with the latest knowledge of guiding. They are qualified to give you an authentic understanding of every place you visit making it a journey of your lifetime.



We are committed to the industry’s highest standards. As such Bhutan Travelers maintain active memberships with the following associations adhering to their standards of excellence.

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